Linwood community woodland

Attended a focus group meeting on the woodland on Monday at Tweedie hall.

This was hosted by the open spaces project from Edinburgh university.

It was very interesting and was reasonably attended. The thrust of the questions related if the woodland offered any benefits to the community. It was interesting to note that Glasgow airport have helped fund some of the improvements along with the Forestry commission, the upkeep of the woodland now has been transferred to  Renfrewshire council.

It will be interesting to see if the recent cutting back of the pathways and the upkeep is kept up.

This area is greatly under used and in my opinion should be promoted locally.

See a couple of photo’s.


A couple of I phone shots of the Spring starting to show, Wild Cherry blossom and Alder catkins.

Wild and windy over the past few days, strong winds from the East at the beginning of the week, now changed back to the West, making it a little warmer.

A few shots from one of the trail cams at the tree stump feeders, good shots of the Squirrels





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