Rhubarb,more Rhubarb and Grass.

A wandering we go!


During my wandering over the last few days, with my four legged companion Poppy, we have ventured off the pathways and roads to cross various fields and woodland, close to the Linwood moss road.

All the fields close to the Moss road and the George town road have for many years been used for cultivating rhubarb and had been owned by the Pinkerton family. I have been in Scotland for thirty years plus, and it is only in the last ten or so that some of the fields have been turned to growing garden turf. Some of the fields are very boggy and cannot be used for cultivation. Numerous mole hills can bee seen in these discarded fields. A great area for the raptors to hunt for voles and mice.

The area is quite diverse, with the cultivation of Rhubarb still going on but on a smaller scale.Towards the South end of the Moss road there is a land fill site, with deep lagoons, this does not have or appear to have an adverse effect on the wildlife of the area.

During our walks this week we have seen Roe Deer, Buzzards, Kestrel, Skylarks,Treecreeper, flocks of Greylag geese, Fieldfair, and Bewick swans, and also heard the drumming of woodpeckers but did not spot them.

It is wonderful that so close to Glasgow airport and the conurbation of Linwood that such a vast amount of wildlife can be found without really looking.

See some i phone photographs of the area

So lets batten the hatches down for Storm Doris due tonight, with threatened snow for the low lying areas of Scotland. The highest wind recorded last night was 28 mph at the weather station in the garden, lets see if that will be beaten tomorrow.


All the bird feeders stocked up and ready to be attacked by the local wildlife.

2 thoughts on “Rhubarb,more Rhubarb and Grass.

  1. Hope the absence of posts since this one does not mean you were damaged in the storm.
    Moss Road – is it a metalled road with a romantic name or a path of moss through the countryside / woods?
    I have moved to Halifax now – away from the sea and into a town. So my blog has a new home too – Loose and Leafy in Halifax , , , and all posts will go there from now on. This is its URL

    1. Hi thanks for the concernšŸ˜¬ No not blown away with the storms. I have been distracted, should get back too the blog, still walking and looking at wildlife though. Possibly you have jogged my memory.
      The Moss road is actually a metalled road that is now blocked off from regular use. This is due to the subsidence as it crosses an actual peat bog. There is community woodland close by that borders the road. Lots of wildlife
      Enjoy Halifax and the surrounding countryside.

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