Linwood community woodland

Attended a focus group meeting on the woodland on Monday at Tweedie hall.

This was hosted by the open spaces project from Edinburgh university.

It was very interesting and was reasonably attended. The thrust of the questions related if the woodland offered any benefits to the community. It was interesting to note that Glasgow airport have helped fund some of the improvements along with the Forestry commission, the upkeep of the woodland now has been transferred to  Renfrewshire council.

It will be interesting to see if the recent cutting back of the pathways and the upkeep is kept up.

This area is greatly under used and in my opinion should be promoted locally.

See a couple of photo’s.


A couple of I phone shots of the Spring starting to show, Wild Cherry blossom and Alder catkins.

Wild and windy over the past few days, strong winds from the East at the beginning of the week, now changed back to the West, making it a little warmer.

A few shots from one of the trail cams at the tree stump feeders, good shots of the Squirrels





A Glimmer of spring

A brief view of the garden and surrounding areas.

During a walk down the Linwood moss road and through the community woods over the last couple of days. See Link below

The woodpecker was drumming on a distant tree, a good sighting of three Roe deer, two females and a Buck with his antlers starting to grow ready for the rut in late summer. The wild cherry blossom is just starting to bud, and the pussy willow is breaking out with their furry white tips on the branches, preceding the leaves later on in Spring.

There are signs in the garden as well, Blue tits are visiting the birdhouses, the magpies are back and rebuilding their nest high in a beech tree behind the garden.

The frogs are back in the pond no sign of spawn yet,  bit early to start seeing the newt’s though.

A few visitors to the feeders.

IMG_2490 Gold crest close.jpg
Goldcrest on the fat balls


IMG_2492 Gold crest & Finch 2.jpg
Goldcrest and Goldfinch

The Goldcrest is europe’s smallest bird, we have two that visit on a regular basis.

IMG_2446Starling Colours.jpg
The wonderful colours and pattern of the Starlings feather’s
PICT0123 Chaffinch and Brambling.jpg
Chaffinch in the forefront and the Brambling  in the rear.


These two colourful birds often flock together, this was taken by the trail camera as, I had strategically placed it under the fat balls and seed feeders  by the potting shed.

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Two short walks

Walking this morning, weather was around 2 centigrade. Three Roe deer crossed in front of us about 100 yards away. They just stood and looked at the dog and me for a few seconds and then leaped across the bracken into the woods. Later on a fox crossed our path. Image-1.jpg

Walking during the heavy rain and sleet yesterday, great views across the the valley down Castle Semple loch to the Barrloch.IMG_0869.PNG

A short walk just after sunrise

A walk towards the cycle track, heading down Crosslee road, very icy this morning . The temperature about zero centigrade. Along the cycle track towards Brookfield, the chatter of the sparrows in the hedgerows. Off the cycle track onto Sandholes road  towards home. A good view point towards Glasgow and Paisley towards the East, sun just starting to break through the clouds.



IMG_crossed lines.jpg
Crossed lines looking towards Glasgow and Paisley

IMG_male siskin.jpg

The birds busy on the feeders this afternoon, braving the increasing South East wind, a good shot of a male Siskin.

Garden predation

Was it a Cat or was it the Sparrowhawk? I think a Cat! There was no evidence of damage to the Siskin, just lying on the floor by the feeders. Typical of a Cat predation, just caught for the sport, unlike the Sparrowhawk that would kill for food and leave only the bare bones and feathers. See link below, apparently no scientific evidence to prove cats are causing decline in Garden birds.

Ginger feline

Starlings and Squirrels

Are they pests or not? “In my opinion No”.

Squirrels are very clever and can out wit any bit of engineering to stop them so if you can’t beat them let them feed!

The starlings are a wonderful bird, their feathers are full of colour. Some over winter here, some come in from east Europe. Any body lucky to view a “murmuration” cannot be amazed at the beauty of this spectacle

Starling the acrobat on mealworms
IMG_Blue tit on coconut.jpg
Blue tit on the coconut filled fat and seed
IMG_Squirell on table.jpg
The enterprising Squirrel