A Glimmer of spring

A brief view of the garden and surrounding areas.


During a walk down the Linwood moss road and through the community woods over the last couple of days. See Link below


The woodpecker was drumming on a distant tree, a good sighting of three Roe deer, two females and a Buck with his antlers starting to grow ready for the rut in late summer. The wild cherry blossom is just starting to bud, and the pussy willow is breaking out with their furry white tips on the branches, preceding the leaves later on in Spring.

There are signs in the garden as well, Blue tits are visiting the birdhouses, the magpies are back and rebuilding their nest high in a beech tree behind the garden.

The frogs are back in the pond no sign of spawn yet,  bit early to start seeing the newt’s though.

A few visitors to the feeders.

IMG_2490 Gold crest close.jpg
Goldcrest on the fat balls


IMG_2492 Gold crest & Finch 2.jpg
Goldcrest and Goldfinch

The Goldcrest is europe’s smallest bird, we have two that visit on a regular basis.

IMG_2446Starling Colours.jpg
The wonderful colours and pattern of the Starlings feather’s
PICT0123 Chaffinch and Brambling.jpg
Chaffinch in the forefront and the Brambling  in the rear.


These two colourful birds often flock together, this was taken by the trail camera as, I had strategically placed it under the fat balls and seed feeders  by the potting shed.

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