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Raining heavily but a lighter sky from the west


Starlings and Squirrels

Are they pests or not? “In my opinion No”.

Squirrels are very clever and can out wit any bit of engineering to stop them so if you can’t beat them let them feed!

The starlings are a wonderful bird, their feathers are full of colour. Some over winter here, some come in from east Europe. Any body lucky to view a “murmuration” cannot be amazed at the beauty of this spectacle

Starling the acrobat on mealworms
IMG_Blue tit on coconut.jpg
Blue tit on the coconut filled fat and seed
IMG_Squirell on table.jpg
The enterprising Squirrel

Last Day of January

Very heavy rain  during most of the day, 31 mm of the wet stuff over 24hrs. It abated during the afternoon thankfully, but it never stopped the birds from feeding. A few view’s of the visitors.

The Great tit the largest of the tit family.

IMG_Great Tit peanuts.jpg
Great Tit on peanut feeder
Long tailed tits on fat balls
Another shot of the Long tailed tit

The long tailed tit’s always come in flocks, you usually can hear their call before you can see them.

At night the all roost close  together in a large group to keep warm.



Birds in the garden

A very busy day on the feeders today 30th January, many varieties of birds visiting.

Goldfinch and Siskin on the Niger seed feeder


Poor photograph of male sparrow hawk, taken quickly through window at an oblique angle, it swooped down but did not get a strike. The throngs of birds scattered and it rested for about 30 seconds or so on top of the Kilmarnock willow at the pond side


Todays weather, very wet see link to my weather station.

Houston West of Glasgow Scotland Weather | Personal Weather Station: IRENFREW9 by Wunderground.com | Weather Underground

Big Garden Birdwatch

Completed the RSPB bird watch today. 1 hour to count the maximum birds within each  type. Listed what appeared in our garden.

Blackbird 5, Blue tit 4, Chaffinch 8, Coal tit 3, Collared dove 2, Dunnock 1, Goldfinch 2, Great tit 2, House sparrow 10, Long tailed tit 5, Robin 1, Starling 4, Woodpigeon 2, Jackdaw 1, Bullfinch 1, Siskin 5, Greater spotted woodpecker 1.

Have a go it’s fun and the data gives the RSPB valuable information.

A return to the blog

I have not posted for some time/ years!

I now have time. Retired at Christmas 2016. So the more time to waste.

I hope to post daily starting in February, this will be solely based around our wildlife garden in the west of Scotland. I hope to include daily weather results and a daily record of wildlife seen within the garden. This will include photographs and video.

I will link this site again with Twitter and Face book.