A short walk just after sunrise

A walk towards the cycle track, heading down Crosslee road, very icy this morning . The temperature about zero centigrade. Along the cycle track towards Brookfield, the chatter of the sparrows in the hedgerows. Off the cycle track onto Sandholes road  towards home. A good view point towards Glasgow and Paisley towards the East, sun just starting to break through the clouds.



IMG_crossed lines.jpg
Crossed lines looking towards Glasgow and Paisley

IMG_male siskin.jpg

The birds busy on the feeders this afternoon, braving the increasing South East wind, a good shot of a male Siskin.


Starlings and Squirrels

Are they pests or not? “In my opinion No”.

Squirrels are very clever and can out wit any bit of engineering to stop them so if you can’t beat them let them feed!

The starlings are a wonderful bird, their feathers are full of colour. Some over winter here, some come in from east Europe. Any body lucky to view a “murmuration” cannot be amazed at the beauty of this spectacle

Starling the acrobat on mealworms
IMG_Blue tit on coconut.jpg
Blue tit on the coconut filled fat and seed
IMG_Squirell on table.jpg
The enterprising Squirrel